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Ocular Rosacea

Rosacea is condition that can be extremely stubborn and difficult to treat/maintain. Rosacea is an accumulation of chronic and new broken blood vessels that causes your face and eyes to appear flushed, red, blemishes that look like acne, and uneven skin tone and texture. 

Ocular Rosacea causes symptoms and signs of dry eyes, such as: burning, irritation, redness, crusting, bacterial build up, blood vessels along eyelid margins, and more. 

Good news is that we offer treatment in office to help our patients ocular rosacea. We also recommend many home remedies in conjunction with our in office treatment to maintain effective results and the longevity of being symptom-free. 

Some triggers that can cause rosacea flare ups include: 

  • Cosmetic Products 

  • Stress/Emotional distress 

  • Hot Showers/Extreme Temperatures 

  • Sun Exposure 

  • Spicy Foods/Alcoholic Beverages 

  • Combination of immunodeficiency or genetics 

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